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I got invited by my new blog sponsor, Thomas Sabo, to see their 2014 collection at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Mega Mall. I’d always been curious about this brand. I am most familiar with its comprehensive line of charms that I often see at the Rockwell branch. Little did I know that this brand of sterling silver jewellery offered more than charms. They had some pretty serious bling.

Thomas Sabo is a lifestyle brand founded in Germany in the 1980’s. As one of the leading providers in the jewellery, watches and beauty segment, the lifestlye company is present in 66 countries on all five continents with around 132 stand-alone shops and 107 shop-in-shops.


The newest Thomas Sabo in the Philippines can be found at SM Fashion Hall in SM Mega Mall.


The store had its signature black and white facade and interior.


I brought my eldest Sophia with me. She’s a charm collector and was on the look-out for a special pendant.


I love that the charms are versatile because of its claw that you can attach to a bracelet or necklace. They also have charm carriers that hold up to three charms in one place. I’m particularly drawn to the Oriental Chic collection. I can’t resist an evil eye…


After seeing hundreds of charms, here’s what we decided on. My three girls got a hummingbird, a pegasus and peace dove, and a daisy. I got that gorgeous heart locket.


Sophia chose this intricate Pegasus, one of her favourite make-believe animals. All the charms and chains are in sterling silver, by the way.


I initially wanted to get Lily a flower charm. I thought that was a lily but it turned out to be a star fish. The hummingbird is significant to our family because its the only bird that can hover. Thus it symbolizes my dad, the helicopter pilot. The daisy charm is for Stella whose second name Margarita is also a name of a type of daisy.


I got the mother of all pendants. This gorgeous sterling silver heart locket encrusted with pave cubic zircona from the Glam & Soul line.


The face of this locket is so beautiful. But it’s what’s inside that got me…


There’s a tiny 18k rose gold (plated) heart inside the big heart. I always tell my kids that Mama has the biggest heart and all my bunnies and more can fit in it.


Hinged-hoop earrings both in  925 Sterling silver – the one on right is 18K yellow gold plated. The stones are white zirconia and the discs are mother of pearl. These earrings work double duty. You can replace the discs with other charms.


Love knots in pave zirconia set in gold plated sterling silver.




The newest collection from Spring-/Summer 2014 is the THOMAS SABO “Karma Beads”:  “Inspired by a positive attitude towards life and an appreciation of the beautiful things in life, the new jewellery range is a manifestation of positive energy. The key piece of the collection, the lovingly detailed ‘Wheel of Karma’ and the 72 different Karma Beads designs allow wearers to create diverse jewellery compositions that express any Karma style. Complementing the Karma Beads, THOMAS SABO has developed a new necklace and a bracelet crafted from 925 Sterling silver, opening up completely new creative possibilities.”


This 18k gold plated sterling silver key pendant, surrounded by beautiful Karma Beads.


Thomas Sabo1

There are 72 different Karma Beads that you can choose to personalise your own jewellery.  All available in Thomas Sabo branches in the Philippines.


This is how the Karma Beads are worn: The Beads, or the ‘Wheel of Karma’, are added to new bracelets and necklaces made from 925 Sterling silver, which are fastened by means of a bead element. The beads are added as desired, with stopper beads varying the position of the beads on the bracelet. You have the option of wearing it with just one bead or ‘fully loaded’ – the result is a personalized piece of jewellery.


TS_Lookbook_KARMA BEADS_Selected Pieces_2014_be


TS_Lookbook_KARMA BEADS_Selected Pieces_2014_be-2


Karma beads.


Thank you to the team at Mega Fashion Hall for assisting me and Sophia.


For more information on Thomas Sabo Philippines, check out their Facebook Page here. Or check our Philippine branches of Thomas Sabo at Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Shangri-la Plaza, Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall and Trinoma.




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  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Ive always been a fan of personal jewellery.

  • Merry Louie

    I went to Thomas Sabo Trinoma that same day I saw the locket in your instagram. I didn’t get the locket because they were out of stock but I got a simple yet elegant neck piece. I only had to hear the magic words “it’s very Daphne” and I was convinced on an instant!
    I am a fan but I never realized someone can have this much influence on me. What’s with you Daphne?! ????

    • Anonymous

      Awww… haha. “What’s with you Daphne?” Haha.

      Thank you for trusting my recommendations! Glad you found something you like. Post pics!!! Haha.

  • Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    Yeah, I’ve been to their shop in Rockwell, and I loved everything! I’m going back soon… 🙂