Tie dye project



Spent the day making tie-dye Tshirts with the kids.
Last week, the kids and I did an ambitious project. My mom bought plain white Tshirts and we embellished them with dye, markers, stencils and the kids’ own art.


Waiting for our tie-dye shirts to dry.
We had complete kit that had the dye, instructions, airbrush and all the materials needed. It was a gift from Lily’s godmother Katherine. The brand was Project Runway. We worked on the tie-dye part one afternoon then waited for them to air-dry over night.


The next night after dinner, my mom and I helped the kids decorate with final touches. Lily and Sophia worked on the stencils. We also used the battery-operated airbrush that came with the package. That part was a bit frustrating, so we ended up manually drawing the art work using stencils.


The stencils were pretty elaborate – complete with alphabets, symbols and pretty art like this tropical flower.


Sophia meant to do a statement tee with the word “Peace”. But she was too engrossed with the stencils that she misspelled “Peace” so she decided to make it “Paez” instead. Good girl!


For Stella I made stars. That is, after all, the meaning of her name. Lily insisted on using her second name, Paloma. This was completely her own design – the name, the idea of winged hearts. I airbrushed the name but she did the peace sign and hearts herself. And she drew the wings of the hearts by freehand.


Lily wore her Paloma shirt the very next day.


Stella Margarita wears her tie-dye stencil Tshirt we made.
Stella loved hers too. And so did Soph.


We’ve had this Project Runway kit for almost a year. I never had the patience nor the time to devote to the project. Last week was our first normal non-programmed week. The kids were done with their musical theatre and ballet lessons. So we just did unplanned things. It took two days to finish this project. As you can see, the whole family was involved. Even Patrick and my Dad sat in on the decorating sessions.

We still have some dye left over from the kit. I’m afraid the kids will want to tie-dye more stuff. I’m hiding the kit from them for now. It took three days for the dye to wash off from my fingers.

Great memories were made again.



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