Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan





My new DAPHNE Diaries… from our February trip to Bhutan. We took an 8 day package with Amala Destinations. On our last full day, we climbed up Tiger’s Nest Monastery.



Please let me know what you think of the DAPHNE Diaries series on my YouTube channel. If you like it, please subscribe so I can make more. I’m open to suggestions.



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  • Sol Victorioso

    This reminds me of the Video Postcards you did for Studio 23. Thanks for showing us beautiful Bhutan.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for remembering.

      Video Postcards was our labour of love. Patrick shot them for me… in 1997.

  • Shey

    Lovely video!! Would love to see more of Daphne’s Diaries. Bhutan is in my list now. If you dont mind, was wondering what camera or video camera do you use to take your pictures and videos? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      olympus OMD EM5, a canon dslr (I forgot which model bec I have two, a D90 and an entry level I won at a raffle in Silicon Valley, CA. but the entry level has a mic jack, so that’s the one we travelled with). but mostly the OMD.

      photos are a mix of OMD and my Samsung S5 and a little red Sony.

      I travel with many compact cameras. Usually even if I’m alone, I’ll have 3.

      • Shey

        Thanks so much, Daphne!!! I love your travel videos/photos. Keeping us all inspired and it feels like we traveled with you. Thank you for sharing!!! 😉

        • Anonymous


  • http://www.heyladyspring.com/ Donna || HEYLADYSPRING.COM

    Thank you for sharing your travels with us Ms. Daphne 🙂
    Keep em coming 😀

    • Anonymous