From my site partner, Titania – assorted and colour-coded nailcare products.


I had just recently blogged about my beauty routine and quickly mentioned that I get my pedicures done at the salon but not my manicure. I groom my nails myself with basic stuff like cut, file, push cuticles, moisturize my hands and when I have enough time I actually do nail lacquer. Most often though I skip the nail colour, unless I’m procrastinating or I have writer’s block. I think with nails what’s important is that you keep them clean always.

I’m glad my sponsor Titania sent me some samples of their new product line called Soft Touch. It has made nail and feet grooming a lot easier and more comfortable. These are tools that are ergonomically designed. And I like the variety of bright colours because it makes things easier to personalize. It is more hygienic to have your own tools. Consider bringing your own set to the salon/manicurist unless you completely trust that they sanitize each tool before use.


Assorted foot files, P269 to P299 each.


Soft Touch cuticle cutter and pusher, P159 each
Soft Touch cuticle nipper, P600 each


From the Titania press kit –

Founded nearly 60 years ago by Mr. Friedel Kotte, Titania is a proudly German brand of beauty implements. Because of its excellent quality, it has become one of the most trusted beauty brands in the market. It is currently available in 108 countries worldwide and here in the Philippines, we have 71 beauty implements available – ranging from the basic nail cleaning tools to pumice sponges and foot files to foot creams and even to lash curlers.

In continuing Titania’s legacy of excellence and innovation, the brand has launched a new and improved range of foot and nail tools called Soft Touch. This is a range of ergonomic tools with the unique Soft Touch coating. This coating allows for better grip, ensuring that you won’t have any slipping accidents when you’re using them. So they’re easier to use and helps ensure precise cutting and clipping. The range consists of nail cutters, cuticle nippers, foot files, cuticle cutters and corn cutters. They’re available in four bright colors.


The new Soft Touch range and other Titania products are available in selected Watsons, SM Department Store, Robinsons Department Store, Landmark Department Store and Metro Gaisano Department Store branches.

Just for my readers, I will be giving away some Titania complete sets next week. Please stay tuned for that. In the meantime, “Like”  TitaniaPH on Facebook.



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  • She_domingo

    i remember before you mentioned doing your own nail color on your wedding day…  i do my own nails whenever i can, but i find it really hard to neatly paint my left hand nails (i’m a lefty).  how do you manage to do both hands on your own? (just curious)…

    • Anonymous

      Haha. I know what you mean. I’m right-handed. I start by painting my left side. Then after a few mins, I do the right…very very carefully. (I prefer to use light coloured polish. But surprisingly after much practice I am also able to use dark reds without going over the “line”.) But basically, I just keep it simple, nudes and clear polish. No fail. Haha.

  • beth

    if we order foot file titania product can you give discount for us? 100-200pcs…

    • Anonymous

      I think if you contact the supplier directly, yes perhaps. Pls click on the ad or the link here, it will take you to Titania FB. You can contact them directly . I will also forward your comment to the suppliers. Thanks