Two houses under one roof


Last Friday July 29, we showed this beautiful home in Urban Zone. It is one of the best-designed new homes I’ve seen. The architect and interior designer is Dan Lichauco, amazing amazing talent. There are two houses in this property — the mother’s house and the daughter’s family home. Both houses function separately but are connected in the middle by a formal dining room. The character of the two homes couldn’t be more different from each other. If I didn’t tell you they were under one roof, you’d never guess they were inside one structure.

The property is huge. The family had lived here for many years but opted to build a brand new home to go with a new phase in their lives. So the old house was knocked down to make way for this new one. Interesting that the residents opted for a bungalow instead of multi-level monster home. Let me show you the mom’s pad first then click on the jump below to see how the daughter created her own unique cosmopolitan space.


The living room of the first house. The mom kept a lot of her old furniture. Dan gave them a different feel by giving the wood a darker stain. They wanted to maintain an old-world feel that was a mix of colonial formality and tropical living.


All the rooms in both homes open up to the garden and swimming pool so there’s a lot of natural light.


The inner sitting room with reworked furniture. To give the wooden coffee table a more “European” feel, Dan added a marble table top. I’m loving all those shutter blinds.


Philippine art and a contemporary colonial setting.


Must have fresh flowers whenever you can.


Stunning main door with carved wood and brass art by National Artist for sculpture, Imao.


Detail of the main door and another look at the very sunny living room.


A stunning master bedroom with very high ceiling.


Loved this bathroom.


Pretty bathroom that reminded me of my own bathroom at home except that this is more glam and luxe. I used an antique mirror.


The lady of the house loves to cook. She asked Dan to create a kitchen that was open to the living and dining rooms.


Again, old furniture given new life by upholstery, marble surfaces, and new stain.


The dining area opens to this hallway which is the one that connects the first house to the second house by way of a sliding door.


Both houses are connected by a narrow hallway and this dramatic formal dining room.


The second house is so different but just as stunning.



Like I said, it’s a completely different world in the second house. Here the daughter and her family wanted something more contemporary and as Dan Lichauco said, more like a Manhattan lifestyle.


That red glass candy dish was the only striking colour in the space.




Graphic prints on the pillows and carpet.


The family is in the food business. They take their kitchens seriously. Here is a lovely modern kitchen that is visible from the living and dining room.


They invested in an industrial-strength range hood – a must for an open kitchen concept.


The other side of the kitchen.


I’m loving that island counter.


This is the bedroom of one of the two daughters of the daughter (ie, their grandma lives in house 1.) She wanted Moroccan touches.


Adorable. The loft is where the closets are.


Both girls chose daybeds instead of regular beds. It leaves more room for movement at the centre of the space.


Me and Dan Lichauco. There’s a door that connects to the other bedroom next door, an exact mirror image of this one.


Here we are at the second bedroom. This had a French provincial feel. Very light and feminine.


Those glass ball lamps are perfect for the space.


All the rooms in both houses have access to the swimming pool.


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Photos of this episode were taken with the help of Stanley Castro, my segment producer, and published in my blog with the permission of the owner of the house. Let me know what you think…



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