Unboxing Daphne Home Scents



Ever since Bench launched Daphne Home Scents, I’ve been getting so many photos on Twitter and Instagram showing the purchase and unboxing of the bottle. I love getting a glimpse of your home and seeing how my scents are finding their own special place in your home.

I am so touched by your support. These photos and messages mean so much to me.

The scents are doing well. In the first week, the Rockwell branches ran out of Lemon Tart and Mint Jasmine right away. We are working on getting the stocks replenished. You may see them in Dimensione and most Bench flagship stores.

It took me two days to compile this group. Click on the thumbnails to see the names and bigger photos. I hope you like this.



I tried to include everyone but I know I may have missed a few. Just send me your photos again via Twitter or Instagram and mention @DaphneOP and I’ll add it here.

My way of saying Thanks!
I really mean it when I say THANK YOU.



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