UNICEF Auction: Manny Baldemor



The second UNICEF Auction for Action: The Manny Baldemor Sabrosa Series is now an active online site. Please check out www.ebay.ph/unicef from now December 5 til December 12 for the online bidding of Baldemor’s pieces. Proceeds will go to UNICEF programs for children in the Philippines.




This is a very special collection. It all happened quite fast. During dinner hosted by Vanessa Tobin, UNICEF Philippines Country Representative, Mr Baldemor and I met for the first time. Also at dinner were UNICEF Philippines’ Marge Francia and Michelle Borromeo. We were prepared to propose the idea of an online auction to Mr. Baldemor. And in an instant he whipped out his portfolio and brought out about 40 sheets of unframed canvas. He donated all the pieces to UNICEF to be auctioned off. And just like that, we had the bones for the second UNICEF Auction for Action.

The first time we did Auction for Action was June of this year. It was a huge success. It was the first time I founded a fundraising activity of this sort. I curated a mix of decorative and functional pieces from the country’s best artists and designers. In a 10-day online auction, we were able to raise P1.4 million pesos. I hope to raise double the amount next year. In the meantime, we have this wonderful collection from Manny Baldemor that I think will raise a lot of funds for Filipino children this Christmas. Not many people know that UNICEF programs in the Philippines rely solely on funds raised locally. So we really need your help here…


photo 1
Our dinner last October, when Mr. Baldemor presented us with his Sabrosa series.


photo 3
Manny Baldemor, UNICEF’s Marge Francia, UNICEF’s then-Country Representative Vanessa Tobin (her post in the Philippines has ended and I will miss her so much!), and UNICEF’s Michelle Borromeo.



The Sabrosa series was conceived during Baldemor’s art residency in Sabrosa, Portugal earlier this year. Located in the northern part of Portugal, the municipality of Sabrosa is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is also the birthplace of Ferdinand Magellan, the first European navigator who reached Philippine shores in 1521.

The series of landscapes was inspired when Baldemor took a boat ride down the great river Duoro, “I took a glance upwards as we passed a steep incline and saw vineyards of different levels that would make our own famous Rice Terraces look like anthills. It was awesome. I’ve never seen layers and layers of vines in a gigantic mountain that almost touches the sky… I wondered if the vineyards were already there 500 years ago when Ferdinand Magellan trekked from this mountain of vines, down to the River Duoro to the Atlantic and finally to the Pacific Ocean,” he said.


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