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I’m spending the day in Malacanang Palace today with UNICEF for the awarding of Child Friendly Municipalities. I look forward to this. The last time I was in Malacanang was as a reporter. For about a year I was covering then-President Fidel Ramos. That was my first assignment when I started my career in ABSCBN. I also went back years after when Luli Arroyo gave me a tour of the palace just before their family moved in. This was for F. I saw the kitchen and the private quarters. And they invited me to eat brunch on the controversial round table of former-President Estrada.

I’ve been spending some time meeting with UNICEF about our activities and plans for next year. We are already planning the next Auction for Action and other new activities. I found out too that Anne Curtis came in to sign up as a UNICEF Champion for Children and gave a generous donation. She had mentioned that she saw the video of my trip to Maguindanao and was so touched by it. Here is the video…



I wish I could have done more during that visit to Maguindanao. But unfortunately what was supposed to be a 3-day trip was cut short. Hours after I arrived, our security told us to leave due to some “activity” on the ground. We were there at the height of the peace talks between President Aquino and the MILF. Then we got news that the MILF had rejected the agreement. It was also just days after a few car bombs had gone off killing a government official. So I was only there for one night. Such is the reality of living and working in an area under conflict. Every day I think of the babies and children in the ARMM.

When I got back to Manila, I did a few rounds of media guestings to tell the story of little children with severe acute malnutrition. We went to TV5 and ANC. Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Dexter Matilla wrote about it. And so did Female Network but I can’t find the link anymore. I had no idea that this blog would reach Anne Curtis. Thank you Anne for making a big difference in many children’s lives.

Here’s a clip of our interview with ANC’s Lexi Schulze. I was with Dr Paul Zambrano of UNICEF. You can read more about how you too can help with this project here.



Just P600/month can save 3 children from severe acute malnutrition. Donate here.



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