Urban Zone: House with glass staircase

Last Sunday May 29, we showed a stunning house with a three-storey all-glass staircase. It warranted a lot of reactions from everyone — from awe to disbelief to ridiculous thoughts.

Yes, the entire staircase is made of glass from the first floor to the third floor. The architect and engineers used tempered glass. Yes, the owners considered the risks and possible inconvenience of seeing up someone’s skirt. But really, it’s a house not a hotel lobby. So I doubt guests would need to go upstairs to the bedrooms. And even if they did, all they have to do is ask everyone not to look up if they’re wearing a skirt.

UZ house May 29 2011 UZ house May 29 2011 UZ house May 29 2011

UZ house May 29 2011
They also have an outdoor shower at the guest’s powder room.

UZ house May 29 2011
And lots of Michael Cacnio scupltures. Here’s an adorable one with the fibre glass balloons.

UZ house May 29 2011
Here’s the front door.

The architect and designer is Liza Acedillo-Bautista.

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