Vanilla Cupcake Bakery



I’ve been getting tagged on Twitter and Instagram by people who’ve seen the DAPHNE® Chairs at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. The photos all looked so adorable that I had to see the place for myself. Over Christmas, I made arrangements with the owner to visit the Glorietta branch. It is located on the second floor of the new part of Glorietta near the walkway to SM. The place stood out in all its cuteness.


This was three days before Christmas. Patrick, the girls and I did some last minute shopping. Soph and Lily were so happy to take a break from the mad rush.


Vanilla Cupcake Bakery had the most adorable and feminine kitchen. We were here to see the decor and use of DAPHNE Chairs as much as to taste the cupcakes. Neither disappointed.


The place was decorated like a playhouse version of grandma’s kitchen. There were tea and baking paraphernalia.


The girls loved all the details. Sophia said, “This is so me! A little bit Cath Kidston with DAPHNE chairs.” She went on about her love for vintage and feminine decor.


I was so giddy to see many DAPHNE Chairs in one space, all being used.


A lot of my Twitter and Instagram followers have mentioned that all my chairs had the logo plaque — a sign of authenticity (because yes, these have been faked and copied. Tsk!).


All the DAPHNE Chairs in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery are authentic. The owner bought them in Dimensione.


I wish I had this many of my chairs in my own home.


I love the mix of different chairs and sofas.


An orange one from the 2012 collection.


We weren’t able to get a seat, the irony. And we didn’t really have the time to sit around. So I don’t have detailed photos of the cupcakes.


But let me tell you, they’re all good – moist, soft, smooth.


The owner gifted me with a beautiful box of 12 cupcakes. The girls chose their cupcakes based on colour and design.


Lily fell in love with the place. And the cupcakes. So did I… and I don’t usually like sweets.


Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is located at Glorietta and Trinoma. Other branches will be opening soon.



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    Been there and yes the place really gets packed. Hope they maintain the look..

  • diana zialcita-kim

    Sooo cute! I want a daphne chair too!

  • Anonymous

    Super cute. I love their pink refrigerator!

  • teadrinker

    I am one of those who tagged you in IG when we visited the Glorietta shop over the holidays. It was such a visual treat to see your chairs in different colors in one sugary sweet space! <3

  • Roxi Santiago

    The store is so cute! I can’t wait to visit and try the cupcakes too. They look delish!

  • Anonymous

    Hello Daphne! The reason I first noticed this store was when I saw your chairs inside! We were idly strolling around Glorietta when my eye caught your chair – I went straight and didnt even check out the cupcakes at the counter quite frankly until way after my friends and I took pictures with your chairs! Haha parang celebrity Lol. Coincidentally, we have friends who were already lounging inside -Instant reunion! but really, I was like – OMG look at ALL these pretty DAPHNE chairs??! The owner did a great job creating that relaxed, vintage feel.. The ambiance is really nice.. and the cupcakes too, LOL. Cheers!

  • amanda

    Cute place. But their Trinoma branch is the worst! Ordered a cupcake and 2 drinks, and waited almost 30 minutes for our order. Then ended up with only 1 drink because their expresso machine was malfunctioning. We weren’t even notified about it immediately. I had to go up to the counter several times before they told me the problem. They ended up refunding me for the missing drink.

    The staff needs some serious training.

  • Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    Oh so this is it? I see the place always full of people. Will check this out one of these days. Maybe this weekend? 😀

  • Mommy Marie

    I love the look of their shop in Trinoma but not their cupcakes. I find them dry and not too tasty. Not worth their price tags.

    • Laurene

      How much are the cupcakes?

  • makino tsukushi

    Hi Daphne! Heard about this place from a friend. It looks exactly like Stacy’s in Capitol Hills. They even copied the pink ref! Bad cupcakes and service though. Go try Stacy’s. i’ve never been disappointed there. Really good food and super cute interiors.

  • Mariel Calalo

    Hi! Daphne,
    I will soon b renovating my bedroom. I will be buyin one of your chairs to make it more glam and girly. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Thanks!!! Yay.

  • Jen

    i think Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is overrated.. service was bordering on horrible and their display (of cupcakes) is confusing.. some had no labels while the others were on the wrong ones… cupcake i had was disappointing because the icing/frosting was apparently just painted on… and i went there after reading your entry, too…

    • Anonymous

      it was fine when i was there. and i loved the cupcakes.

      it’s a service industry. so it’s subjective from both the supplier and consumer side. this is why i don’t do food reviews. i blogged it because of the use of my chairs.

      you should write to the owners and let them know about your experience.

  • DC

    I agree with some of the reviews. I have tried many cupcake shops in the Metro (around 15-20 different bakers) and I thought the cupcakes from Vanilla Cupcakes bakery were dry. I loved the frosting though. Service is always bad (I’ve bought 4 times already. I am that addicted to cupcakes). Staff don’t know the product. My husband always complains of the long wait. And the packaging needs to be changed. How can you take home cupcakes when the box keeps on popping open? And they don’t give out any paper bags/plastic bags to hold the box. I would love to write to the owners, but I am having trouble finding any contact information. They don’t even have a facebook page.

    On the other hand… the interiors are lovely, especially your chairs 🙂