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Vaseline Perfect 10 Whitening and Anti-Aging Lotion offers skin benefits that address the main concerns of aging skin.


Last month, I had the huge honour of being launched as Vaseline Perfect 10’s Brand Ambassador. The Vaseline team set up a beautiful tea party at the Rockwell Club. It was attended by media and a few close friends and more importantly, my parents. It’s a huge honour for me to be endorsing Vaseline – a well-known and trusted brand worldwide.

Vaseline Perfect 10 is Vaseline’s first and only product that delivers the two-fold advantage of whitening and anti-aging in one. It reduces fine lines, lightens and nourishes skin, boosts radiance, reduces dark spots and gives UVA/UVB protection through a combination of ingredients known and tested to deliver tangible results. I have been guilty of focusing too much on the skin on my face – anti aging, derma visits etc. – neglecting the skin on my body. So when I tried Vaseline Perfect 10, it was the perfect formulation for me because not only does it keep my skin moisturized, it also addresses some skin aging concerns like fine lines and age spots.

It has Vitamin B3 that whitens and evens out skin tone and CLA that targets age spots and hyper-pigmentation. Together, these two ingredients make for fairer, even-toned skin. Fine lines and wrinkles, on the other hand, are corrected through the triple-action of Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), and antioxidants. Retinol helps stimulate collagen production, allowing the skin to retain its elasticity. AHA  exfoliates dead skin cells, to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and smoothen skin texture. Antioxidants strengthen the skin by protecting it against free radical damage, thus arresting the formation of fine lines and sagging skin.

Here are some highlights from the launch…


I was welcomed to the Unilever family by Unilever Marketing Manager for Skin Jacqe Yuengtian and Unilever PR & Events Manager Nikki Abella .


During the program, host Chal Lontok interviewed Uniliver’s Jacqe Yuengtian, dermatoligist Dr. Alto Bautista-Ocampo and myself about looking and feeling young.


They (Unilever and my husband) surprised me with a video message from Patrick. He’s never agreed to do anything like that before. So naturally, I was quite emotional. It’s my first ever public cry. I didn’t even cry at our wedding. The message was really special. Nerisa Almo of picked up the story. Here it is.


Host Chal Lontoc asks Metro’s Charmagne Laconico what it means to be a “perfect 10”


With Unilever Marketing Director Gilbert Simpao.


Lots of support from my good friend, Ingrid Go. She published the Vaseline launch in Manila Social Diary.


TV host Luane Dy


Vaseline Brand Manager Gretchen King


Ingrid with Stylebible’s Isha Andaya and Preview’s Agoo Bengzon


It felt so great that my parents were in town to witness this. It’s not everyday that I get to endorse a huge brand like Vaseline. Needless to say, they were very very proud.


The event was so elegant. Here are the savouries.


And the sweets.


What’s a tea party without scones? Yum!


The guests went home with Vera Bradley goodie bags filled with lots of Vaseline Perfect 10 lotions.



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  • SungEmpress

    You look so much like your mom, Ms. Daphne. Congrats on being Vaseline’s brand ambassador. 🙂 

    • Anonymous

      thank you!

  • Rose

    vera bradley <3

  • rain


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  • Mayet Sarmiento

    i ? the vera bradley bags! i love your blogs ms. daphne! more power to you 🙂

    • Anonymous

      yes, they are quite lovely. i’m now a fan.

  • chie

    Unfortunately I had allergies using this product.  🙁  But never had a problem with other Vaseline whitening lotion variants.

  • Craftmates

    Congratulations on being the Vaseline ambassador.

    I love tea parties! Just recently had one at our house.

    Hope you can check out our blog. 

  • Ferdinand

    this is certainly a new product from Vaseline…Vaseline Perfect 10 whitening and anti-aging…hope this will  help my wife skin’s concern…dark spots or hyperpigmentation..i love your blogs Ms. Daphne 🙂