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I’ve been talking about this for years. I’ve met so many people – designers, suppliers, architects – about redoing our kitchen. We’ve already renovated all the bathrooms, bedrooms and the downstairs living areas. I’m a veteran of renovations. We’ve lived through the inconveniences of construction – that includes delays, going over budget and negligent contractors. It is stressful. This is perhaps the reason why I kept putting off renovating our kitchen. But I can’t wait anymore.

Last week I started on the project again. I now have a clearer vision of what I want for my kitchen. It’s a small space. I want it to be completely functional and not just “for show.” I want the best material but I’m not hung up on brand names. I also want it to fit in with the character of our house – old, charming and Filipino-meets-the-Hamptons sort of feel. I only say the Hamptons because we have a cottage-like environment. I do not take themes literally. So the same will go for our kitchen.

Just to give you an idea of the character of the house…


Funny, when Rafael Calero of Kitchen Studio was talking me into hardwood floors for the kitchen he said “Wouldn’t you want to walk around barefoot in your house?” Uhm, yeah. We do that everyday. It’s not like shoes aren’t allowed. Its just that wood feels great on bare feet. All my babies learned how to walk barefoot on wooden floors. This photo was taken by Cyrus Panganiban for Celebrity Living, makeup by Carmel Villongco.


A mix of old and new downstairs. We don’t have a shortage in heirloom pieces, LOL.


The first thing I did when I moved in to this house was paint the front door red and tile the old kitchen in diagonal checkerboard pattern. All the cupboards and countertops are made of hard wood. Beautiful but in desperate need of repair/replacement.


So here’s what we’re working on. White semi-distressed wooden cupboards, farm house sink, black counter top, gunmetal grey/black hardware, white Bisazza back splash in some areas and dark or walnut hardwood floors. Yes, I’m taking the plunge. We’re going for wood floors in the kitchen. It’ll be treated ofcourse, since the area will get moisture. I’m also thinking of an oiled finish. I’m still in the process of sourcing suppliers.


And here’s my ambitious peg. It’s from a page in the Ikea catalog. Unfortunately my kitchen isn’t this big, so we will have to do something about extra storage. But check out those floors!


I’m also thinking of increasing the space by exposing the beams above.


Rafael also wants me to invest in a lighting designer but I don’t really have budget for that. So let’s see… Lighting design is really important though.


Now I’m really focusing on this. No distractions.





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  • hookedonhousestoo

    hi daphne! i am from calgary, canada and i just stumbled on your website when i was googling furniture makers in the philippines. i love your website and i just enjoy browsing through your UZ features on houses.  we are building our retirement house in orion, bataan for when we finally come home to retire.  i am picking up a lot of useful stuff from your posts. 

    have you finished your kitchen renovation and did you have a reveal on it yet?

    thanks and you are most admired this side of alberta! godbless.

  • litz

    I have to agree with Rafael. Lighting makes a lot of difference. Good luck with your project. Looking forward to see the final result! ps… I love Ikea’s kitchen, I wish I have a way of shipping it to the retirement house we are building in Tanay. 🙂

  • http://reescustomfloors.com/ Darrel Saul

    Well who doesn’t want a great looking kitchen, recently i visited a client of mine at his home, the house had a very nice looking bamboo style flooring and believe it was damn beautiful.