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I have been planning this for years. But it took forever to find the right people to put my “world” into one site. And when I did, it took months before we got all the nitty-gritties done. This site consolidates almost everything about me – my work, my products, my family and my writing. Please look around. Let me know if there are any glitches. I’ll still be editing some of the photos in the sections above.

Livejournal has served me well for almost five years. I started blogging because the captions on my Flickr account were getting too long. I didn’t have a plan or a goal for this online stuff. I just wanted to tell stories. A lot has happened since my early days of blogging — three daughters, the power of Urban Zone, my self-branded products, causes and programs I help out in and the home life I truly want. On top of all that, Daphne’s Diary grew to have a life of its own with a great community of passionate, intelligent and creative readers. Thank you for sticking by me.


Detail of our door
Welcome to www.daphne.ph, my new home.


This site may have a new face, but it will still have the same flavour and language as Daphne’s Diary. I do not work with a team, nor do I have an assistant. I take all the photos (unless otherwise identified) and write all the words. Just like the photo of our antique door knocker against our red door – the blog has had a makeover but it still has its old original bones intact. But now, it’s allowed to have ads (the old blog didn’t).

And now for the beauty queen moment, please allow me to thank the people who’ve helped and encouraged me.


My life is so different here
My family, ofcourse.


Sophia, Lily and Stella, everyday is a story with you girls. Thank you for giving me content – literally and figuratively. My parents, who not only read my blog but follow me on Twitter. Dad, thanks for being my security specialist and secret agent. Mom, for being my biggest fan and reading all the comments posted in my blog. My siblings, who continue to be the closest extension of myself despite living so far away. Hanni, Tipsy and Kuys – you guys are my truest friends and I’ve missed too many “everydays” with you. My in-laws, who prove that I am the luckiest to have such amazing extended family and friends. And to the one who refuses to be named and written about, the one continues to share dreams and everyday with me, my man.


Ingrid's baby
Ingrid Go


Ingrid Go or The Bag Hag for being my true, great friend and encouraging me to get into business. We met as co-editors of Metro Weddings and our friendship has gone beyond work and many years. Thanks for watching my back, speeding me up when I’m too slow and catching me when I tumble. I admire how you can make anything happen through hard work.


UZ staff and crew
Urban Zone team


To my UZ team, specifically Manny, Denmark, Stan, Maila and Princess. Thank you for sticking by me since F days. You are the most talented producers I know and I’m so lucky to have each of you in my team. Thanks for taking gazillion behind-the-scenes photos while I shoot.

My forever loyal sponsor K&Company for dressing me for over ten years! I love that you are in every corner of  my closet. I never have to think of what to wear. My blog sponsors, Evita Peroni and the many companies and groups who’ve supported Daphne’s Diary via marketing activities and placements. Thank you! My friends who’ve encouraged me to blog – Cecile and all the lovely people in Flickr who’ve been my friends for years – big thanks! To my cousin John of Web.com.ph for forcing me to buy my domain names since 2005. Thanks for hosting my site! To my lawyer L.C.C. – who started out as a client then became a friend then became my lawyer – thanks for giving me the idea of spending big money on registering trademarks. You started the thought. To my friends who are successful in their own businesses, thanks for sharing your wisdom and guidance. And to the many women and men I’ve met through this blog and through my work, it is the hardest thing to balance work and family. I appreciate and understand your struggles and dreams. I hope you find the things you truly would love to do and always prioritize raising good and happy children, however way you define that process.

To the people behind this new blog, thanks for sharing your talent and for waiting patiently for my content. Val Villar is the one who did the programming. Thanks for the genius work. Please don’t leave me, I’ll need you around to walk me through possible hiccups. And now, the designer…


Meet Isabel Gatuslao, graphic artist
Photo by Terry Uy. Shot on location at Ito Kish store.


I am so lucky to have met Isabel Gatuslao, the talented self-taught graphic designer who worked on my rebranding. I met Isabel through Ito Kish, who’s my good friend, interior designer and collaborator of sorts. Isabel once worked with Ito and she came highly recommended by him.

The thing that got me sold on Isabel was the passion and thought she puts into all her work. It’s intelligent design. The girl is smart. There is a reason or a story behind every stroke of her graphic design. And I love that she falls in love with fonts, textures and shapes. She can talk for hours about a font! My kind of person. And she still sketches, with pen and paper.


By Isabel Gatuslao
The Daphne moodboard


After our first meeting, she totally got what my brand was all about. She understood my love for handcrafted pieces and worked that character into my site. Here’s how she went through the design process for the Daphne brand. Isabel got me all figured out so well that on the day of her mood board presentation, the background she chose for my site was the exact same fabric of the linen dress I wore. And she has the same affinity for brown and tan leather hobo bags, the way I do. Talk about meeting of the minds.

In the process of finding graphic artists, I came across some who quoted me over P200,000 for design and programming. I’m not one who scrimps on design and I respect creative talent. So I just quietly walked away from them. Isabel’s fee is a fraction of that exhorbitant rate. I paid Isabel and Val full price. They delivered and more.

Her design is genius, her range is wide. Isabel is a gem! Something tells me she’s the next graphic design superstar, if she isn’t the one already. She is definitely my design darling. See her work at www.isabelgatuslao.com.


Daphne Logo


I would love to know what you think of the new brand identity, the new look. Tell me what you want to see and read. I hope that Disqus works for the comment section. I won’t be blogging on the old Daphne’s Diary anymore, but my archives will remain there. We have tried to bring some of the archives over here, but we haven’t totally accomplished that yet.

And as a housewarming gift to me, please go and bookmark www.daphne.ph right now. This is why I was stressing about how my name gets massacred in spelling. Also please spread the word through Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks everyone!

Here we go…




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