What the fox?


It’s Friday and I’m having a crazy frustrating day. I asked my staff to do an easy task at the bank but she was given trouble, forcing me to use the word “chechebureche.” Then my friend Tim Jimenez created a new definition for me:

Chechebureche” : (n.) Filipino /tse’-tse’ ‘boo-re’ tse’/ (def.) Unecessary hindrance to simple tasks. SYN: red tape, inefficiency, stumbling block, impediment, foot-dragging, monkey-wrench.

So now I’m laughing.

So I started working on a nice design post on the theme of foxes. Then Flickr, my photo host, goes offline for a scheduled maintenance check. Oh my. So this is all I have… Haha.


You can check out this cute Fox pillow cover at my site partner Serena & Lily.


Since this post is so incomplete, I’m posting this silly Fox song that my sister sent. It’s so dumb that I am actually laughing. No more chechebureche.


Happy Friday everyone! Smile.


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