Why do I have to explain



I am who you see on TV. My shows are unscripted. Even when I had a live talk show on ANC, I didn’t have guide questions. I don’t work with a stylist. I wear my own clothes, jewellery and shoes unless otherwise indicated. I don’t have a PR machinery. I don’t have a publicist. I write my own entries. I take my own pictures. My blog is named after me. My brand is named after me. Everything here has my point of view. My opinion.

I’m not new to this. I’ve been sharing my photos since 2005, blogging since 2007. I’ve encountered a few haters before. Nothing new. Since I’ve moved and set up this daphne.ph site, my readership has grown three-fold. There have been instances where sudden peaks in readership have caused my server to freeze or nearly crash. It was a good problem to have. Now my server and spiking issues have been resolved by my tech specialist Joben Ilagan of Seer Technologies. But with growth comes some unwanted attention. Or rather, attention of the wrong kind. And Heaven help me, I find myself struggling with this.

It is ridiculous that I have to explain myself now. But let me just put it all in context –

1. I did not put down any local celebrity. I love celebrities. Most of them are my friends/acquaintances.

2. My kids met KC Concepcion and Frankie Pangilinan at the CCP. They didn’t know who they were. Everyone was nice and gracious – as all kids should be, celebrity or not. I just thought it was amusing enough to mention because who, in this day and age, does not know KC? Apparently, my kids.

3. They also didn’t know who Agot Isidro was. They were introduced. They know her now as just Tita Agot. Again, amusing. My kids do not watch local TV shows like noontime variety programs, kiddie telenovelas and such. Why? Because I say so. They’re my rules. They’re very young and impressionable. I want to keep their minds stimulated – through reading, art, crafts, playtime at the park, sports. There’ll be lots of time for TV when they grow up. Sometimes I try to make them watch Tagalog-dubbed age-appropriate movies to improve their Tagalog.

4. Sophia’s ninang is Angel Aquino. She adores her Ninang Angel. But she’s never seen any of her shows or movies.

5. I didn’t diss Philippine theatre. How can I diss something I love and support? Please take a pill, y’all. My kids watch Repertory Philippines at least twice a year, not counting the other independent productions we go see. Me, I try to watch anything whenever I can. I’m kicking myself for missing the British Council’s night of PETA’s Haring Lear. It’s on til March 4th.

6. All I said was it was their first time in a <s>real</s> Western theatre. I was referring to the architectural structure and the whole theatre scene in general. Like New York’s Broadway , Toronto’s Theatre District or London’s West End. Don’t anyone think that’s a snooty remark. My kids love Araneta Coliseum (or as Lily calls it, “the collisee”) as much as they love watching rock concerts at the SMX grounds. They think Newport Theatre is the bomb. Me, I love the CCP.

7. ABSCBN Production’s Winnie gave me two tickets to the Mamma Mia Gala. I didn’t ask for it. I had no access to them. Prior to that another friend offered me two tickets but I politely declined. I needed to bring two kids. So two tickets would have been pointless. When I told Winnie that I couldn’t come to the Gala because there weren’t enough tickets, that was the time I thought of asking for a third ticket. Winnie is no stranger to me. I felt comfortable enough to ask. She gave them to me. Front row seats. Please don’t hate me if I get free tickets. I’m sure you get perks in your job too.

8. My blog has advertisers and sponsors. I’m transparent about that. It costs me real money to run this site. I’m not on a free blogspot. There’s nothing wrong with having a commercially viable website.

9. I do not get paid for clicks in my ads. Don’t worry about those things. I may get commission in some of the sales generated if you enter a site through my links. So think of that as a minor way of showing support to the maintenance of this site. Or not.

10. Going back to the not knowing local celebrities. Why did I have to answer so many questions about that? My kids weren’t even aware I was on TV until other kids in school told them. They have not seen a single episode of Urban Zone. They’ve only seen me in my National Geographic TV commercial. Like I said, I am amused and pleased that they are unaffected by the world of “celebrity”.


Everything you read here is from me and by me, with the exception of the 2% of the times when I post press releases from sponsors. I’ve been getting a lot of love and encouragement from my regular readers. Some of you have been with me since my early days in Flickr. It was peaceful then. We all just shared the love of photography and the thrill of that perfect capture. Now I encounter all kinds. I can take it, for the most part. But I’m a busy girl. And I can’t tolerate assinine comments. If you offend me or my family, I will delete your comment. I may even blacklist.

I don’t use my site to spew negativity, power trip or rant about stuff. I value my advertisers. I respect my readers. My name means everything to me. So instead of going all Linda Blair on you, I will just simply delete.




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