Why do women lie about their age?



Have I ever lied about my age? When I was 17 or 18 and wanted to get in to bars in Toronto, maybe . (Sorry, mom and dad). Back then the age of majority was 19 (now 18). I always got carded — by nature of my genes and ethnicity, I looked younger than my age.

Olay Philippines has an interesting campaign about age. My take on this – and it sounds cliche – is that age really is just a number. I’m 43 and I love being 43. I enjoy seeing the shock on people’s faces when they learn my age… especially in North America.

There is one downside to aging — the feeling that time is going by so fast. Too fast. Especially when you have little children, special people, and work that you love. That’s the only issue for me. Aging and health issues scare me.

But on the physical side, I’m not really worried. Have you seen my mother? She’s turning 70. Most people think she’s lying. She looks 20 years younger.



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