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lifescience tileLifeScience Center for Health and Wellness. They’re no stranger to me. I’ve done the Food Intolerance Test years ago. And I’ve hosted a segment for them during ICanServe Foundation’s annual breast cancer awareness events.

Because we were (and still are more or less) on lockdown, we did everything digitally. I was so pleased with the entire process of testing and online consultations especially since I am still not comfortable going out to public places. Each consultation was a learning experience. Because of what I learned about nutrition and gut health, I have read more about the subject. My supplements are specifically targeted to my needs — no more guessing about what vitamin or mineral I need. And to top it all off I was able to get an Immunity Booster supplement… something I know we all need now.

Here’s my diary of my wellness and nutrition journey with LifeScience.


It started with a phone call and online consultation with a medical doctor and nutritionist with LifeScience.


My Doctor, Denise Herrera-Lavilles, MD, FPCP walked me through the process. Told me what to expect – blood tests, analysis of reports, a 3-week elimination diet, a food and nutrition plan after the Elimination Diet, culminating with her prescription for my supplements specifically targeted to meet my needs. Dr Denise is a medical doctor specializing in Internal Medicine, focusing on health promotion and disease prevention for adults. I loved talking with her.


After my online consultations with Dr Denise, LifeScience scheduled my blood extraction. We were still in ECQ then, so we had to wait for the next phase of quarantine when people were allowed to move around. This was when I had my blood extraction in my garage at home. LifeScience came to take a few blood samples for my Food Intolerance Test, FABER Food Allergy Test, and Vitamin D test.


The medical attendants were geared with masks and safety measures. They were the first people I’ve seen outside my bubble. This was in June 2020.


Why I did the LifeScience programs

I have always been conscious about our nutrition, level of exercise, and overall well-being especially during quarantine time. I’m pretty religious with our annual medical exams. But this was the first time I’m consulted a nutritionist and functional medicine doctor.

I was pleased that I seemed to already be on the right track with my nutrition, pilates, spirituality, and over all optimistic mindset. I am even conscious about my sleep quality. But of course there were some tweaks to be made with my diet. They set me up with an Elimination Diet based on the Food Intolerance Test. It’s basically a tool to see how your body reacts or improves with the elimination of certain foods. In my case, I had specific issues and symptoms I wanted to understand. Others have hormonal imbalance, skin reactions, weight, bloatedness, migraines, low energy etc., which can be addressed through a dietary approach.

We all have different goals. Mine wasn’t particularly weight loss but I wanted to know what caused some inflammation, bloating, and other allergies I thought I had (but had not yet confirmed). These tests will further assist my doctor and nutritionist to see if I am eating the right kinds of food to optimize my nutrition.


The result of my Food Intolerance Test came out as couple of weeks after blood extraction. The FABER Food Allergy test took longer. This was just the first page of my food intolerance test just to give you an idea. Please note that this does not mean I am allergic to the food identified as red. The red flags were the items I had to eliminate from my diet for three weeks. Forever, if you want. But I just committed to three weeks.


Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.10.03 AM
After I got the results of my Food Intolerance Test, I spent some time online with the nutritionist from LifeScience who analyzed my results. It makes a huge difference getting this kind of support from a licensed nutritionist. This way, I didn’t just focus on what I should eliminate from my diet, but I was also able to take advantage of the food items that are good for me. I loved the personalized nutritional plans she made for me, especially the recipes!


The Food Intolerance Test is different from a food allergy test. Food intolerance doesn’t always manifest in immediate symptoms and it may not be life threatening. But knowing your food intolerance can help you avoid potential health issues in the future.


Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.12.36 AMWe all know about our “gut feeling”, “gut instinct”, or “gut reaction”. 70-80% of our immune system is located in our gut. So what we put in our gut matters.


The Elimination Diet

The biggest challenge for me during the three week period was eliminating gluten, rice, and dairy. I was already eating brown rice and adlai for years. I am naturally not attracted to sugar. I love vegetables, to the point that I have been growing veggies at home for years. And my body doesn’t react well to dairy milk, so I drink almond milk. But I love cheese too much. So after the 3 week period, cheese is back in my life. Oops.

July was actually the best time to do the Elimination Diet. I welcomed it because honestly, after 100 days of being home and eating all that bread and sugar, I knew I had to get healthy again.

I did well and felt the positive effect halfway through. I didn’t feel bloated. I felt lighter. I slept better.

Still I wondered about my food allergies. I come from a family with severe food allergies. So much so, that my sister Pauline has become one of Canada’s biggest proponent of food allergy safety. She has an allergy-safe restaurant in Toronto. More on that in another post.

Since I had been reacting violently to certain food (namely shellfish and farmed fish), I swore I knew I was allergic to them. They have not been in my diet since 2013. Then the result of my FABER Food Allergy Test came in…


FABER Food Allergy Test

The results of my food allergy test came in. And it totally surprised me.


I finally figured out what I am allergic and not allergic to. All along I thought I had food allergies because of some severe reactions. But based on my FABER Allergy Test, my allergies are all environmental and not dietary. And to top it all off, I have very minimal reaction to the items I am officially allergic to. Wow!

The FABER allergy test measures specific antibodies against bacteria, viruses, and allergens. It uses molecular allergens and allergen extracts using only minimal blood samples from the patient.

Because I also took the Food Intolerance Test and had undergone an Elimination Diet as well, we were able to zero in on inflammatory food that affects me specifically. Now I can really address my digestive issues. And my favourite part of all this, my supplements were specifically targeted to my needs.


After consultations and analysis of my tests, I got my supplements delivered to me by LifeScience. Dietary Enzymes are specifically for my digestive system based on antibodies and deficiencies measured by blood tests at LifeScience. Immuni-3 is a combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Zinc to boost my immunity especially during this time.


Supplements from LifeScience.


For more information on LifeScience Center, check out their website www.lifescience.ph, follow them on Instagram @lifesciencephil, and on Facebook LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness. You may inquire about the same tests I’ve done. You may also book your home-service blood extraction.

LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness: 8th Floor, ACCRALAW Tower, 30th Street corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, 1634, Metro Manila.



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