Winners of Facebook giveaway



Thank you to those who joined my little Facebook giveaway a couple of weeks ago. All your photos are here. I appreciate all the new “likes” in my Facebook page. It was so easy and stress-free for me. This time I didn’t have to count and double check the hundreds/thousands of entries. I know not everyone is comfortable with “like-like” contests. But until an easier random way is discovered, I think I like this. Spare me the lecture about Facebook policies and DTI rules. None of my personal giveways require purchases. And these are just for fun. My computer-generated random giveaways before were headache-inducing because I still had to manually count each entry. Gasp.

I decided to give the runner-up a gift too. Because she worked so hard on getting her votes.


Helen Ramos
Helen Ramos. 662 likes.


Helen wins this box of hair accessories.


Sun Manahan
Sun Kyung Manahan came in second at 549 likes. I was touched by her effort so I decided to send her a little present.


I bought this book in National Bookstore. It’s loaded with tips on personal style from the world’s top fashion bloggers. It’s cute and user-friendly. Check it out in NBS.


Check out my FB Page regularly for more giveaways. And Helen & Sun, I sent the packages already but because of the holiday, you’ll probably get it on Wednesday.





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