Winners of Kor Aura water bottles


I apologize for the delay in announcing the winners. We were invited to Varekai last night. I had already seen Varekai on premier night. I brought my mom then. It was wonderful. I wanted to bring my daughters too. Then the universe heard me and MAC (makeup) sent me two Tapis Rouge tickets for last night. I brought my eldest, Sophia. Now Patrick wants to take Lily but it’ll have to be on a matinee show. It’ll be hard for my kids to stay up past bedtime.

Meanwhile, back in the ranch…  I had trouble. I don’t think everyone followed the instructions of the giveaway promo. Based on the new Facebook likes of The Purple Tag, there were 558 new entries. But in the comment section of my blog, there were only 434 entries. Plus I found lots of duplicates, so after editing them out, we had 412 entries. I may have missed one or two duplicates, so instead of starting over, I will just disqualify them if they end up winning (they didn’t). The facebook wall had a few duplicates, and since I’m not an administrator of the site, I couldn’t edit them out. So I based the total number on the qualified entries in my blog – 412.

All winners were generated by – see winning numbers below. The numbers stand for the order the comments appeared.




The winners are:

130 Toni Tadeo

128 Reejane/Joanne Randiej

117 Clara Garcia Ocampo

257 Len Perilla-Jardenil

394 Lulu Eugenio


I have notified the winners via Disqus.  Congratulations. I hope you enjoy your new Kor Aura water bottles.



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