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We showed this house about a month ago. Sorry in the delay in posting. I had some trouble with my storage – backing up and making more back ups. This house was designed – architecture and interior – by Alex Co. The owners hired Alex Co based on the features they saw on Urban Zone. The construction was managed by the owners themselves as building homes is their family business. Note that the family doesn’t live in this house full time. They live in a Southern Luzon province. They built this home to be the place they’d park at while on random trips to Manila.

Here are outtakes from the shoot. I’m not linking to sources or suppliers. It’s not that kind of blog or show. But one day we will get there. As you know the blog is open to sponsorships.


The living room has a double-height ceiling.


Alex Co is big on wall accents. Here’s one with stone and wood cladding. He did this to emphasize the height of the space.


The foyer with a glass dividing wall hiding the vestibule. Staircase is seen immediately on the left upon entrance.



The back side of the dividing wall with various types of textured glass.


The powder room with dark stone tiles and this dramatic egg-shaped lavatory.


A teardrop faucet hangs from the ceiling down to the sink.


Click “More…” to see the rest of this house.


This is the view from the vestibule to the dining area and lanai. Like many new “modern Asian” home, this one typically has a water feature with cascading falls on the back wall.


The formal dining table with a mix of materials – steel, glass wood.


The lamp above the dining table.


Here is the “show” kitchen, priced at the mid-high range.


The kitchen is an air-conditioned room sharing space with the daily dining table.


This is the daily dining table, though the owners don’t live here on an every day basis. This means they eat here on non-occasions. Black marble table top.


Here is the secondary or “dirty” kitchen, the ones used on a daily (again) basis. The owners chose an all-stainless steel cabinet and surface system. This is very practical and easy to clean. I asked how much something like this would cost – somewhere around P300,000.


Upon entering the master bedroom, you see this anteroom with two pocket sliding doors on either side of the deep couch. Interesting to note that the master bedroom is on the ground floor of the house. More people are planning their homes this way, in anticipation of the aging process.


I like this thin but deep couch in anteroom.


This is the TV/entertainment wall of the anteroom.


All wooden furniture in the master bedroom. Lots of windows for generous natural light.


The tub in the en suite with interesting mosaic tiles on the wall.


The two younger sisters share a bedroom. Cute.


This is the bathroom of the two sisters.


The third floor is actually the attic. The family decided to put another seating area here. They’re planning to put another TV too.


The second floor has a home theatre, which is a very popular move for most new homeowners these days.


I’m curious, those of you with home theatres, how often do you use it? Leave me your thoughts.

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